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What do toilets have to do with nutrition? More than you might think…

By Kira Heuer

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Informative and interesting article on the Guardian by Lawrence Haddad, about how the increase of toilets can cut stunting in children. Numbers show that approximately 160 million children under the age of 5 are stunted. This means they are failing to grow well and lack of height can be a marker of a whole range of developmental setbacks including cognitive impairment. The 2013 Lancet series on maternal and child nutrition confirmed that to reduce stunting we need three things: an enabling environment for political commitment; a scaled-up series of cost-effective nutrition interventions and robust underlying drivers (food security, empowered women and a supportive health environment).  Water and sanitation have long been the orphan sectors in development. Through a partnership with a fellow orphan issue, undernutrition, all three will hopefully remain high on the development agenda in the next decade. Given the massive potential for improved scope, sanitation is key to unfettered child growth. Read more here. Karisia, thank you for the share!


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