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We love Tania Kovats!

By Kira Heuer

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For artist Tania Kovats, water and weather are a way of life. Her latest artwork ‘Oceans’ brings together water from 97 different seas in the world, collected with the help of a global network of people that sent flasks of sea water from all around the world. Kovats is interested in exploring and collecting all these bodies of water and keeping them in one place, she explores the definitions and boundaries of oceans and creates a narrative dialogue. ‘An image I’ve become quite attached to when talking about the work is that it feels like a sea of stories as well,’ she says. ‘There are just so many narratives in there. I know I’m not the only person to have a special relationship with the sea or feel drawn to it,’ she continues. ‘I think water has a kind of parallel status with time – the river passing and time passing. The way the sea is always in motion, so when I bottle the water and make it still, it’s like freezing time. The equivalent to a photograph.’ Kovats has bottled water from rivers across the UK, and from the points at which seas meet across the globe, in northern Denmark, southern India and northern New Zealand.

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