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The Rotunda installation by Citylaboratory

By Kira Heuer

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LOVE, LOVE this! The Rotunda installation by Citylaboratory was created as part of the International Garden Festival at Les Jardins de Métis in Quebec. A large black basin was filled with water to reflect the surrounding forest then left to be used by local wildlife. “Conceived as a device capturing the beauty of nature, the intention is to transform the surrounding landscape into the garden itself by capturing what is outside its boundaries,” said the designers, who are based in Santiago de Compostela in north-western Spain. “Water is used as a raw material to create a reflecting surface,” they continued. “The container is simply a frame that suspends water above the ground; a homogenous black object, assembled in a direct way, minimising the expression of assembly joints and the contact with the ground.” Once the dish is filled with water, the idea is to leave it to evolve over time as a source of water for birds and other garden life. Like a regular pond, it will be subject to falling leaves and fluctuations in heat, light and weather. When mother nature, art and water meet, Bib&Sola’s heart skips a beat!

Rotunda-reflective-water-dish-by-CITYLABORATORY-for-Grand-Metis International-Garden-Festival-Dezeen-3

Rotunda-reflective-water-dish-by-CITYLABORATORY-for-Grand-Metis International-Garden-Festival-Dezeen-5

Rotunda-reflective-water-dish-by-CITYLABORATORY-for-Grand-Metis International-Garden-Festival-Dezeen-6

Rotunda-reflective-water-dish-by-CITYLABORATORY-for-Grand-Metis International-Garden-Festival-Dezeen-7

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