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The Risks of Cheap Water

By Kira Heuer

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This week the New York Times published a great article titled ‘The Risks of Cheap Water,’ written by Eduardo Porter this brilliant articles draws attention to the restrictions on water use imposed by states and municipalities as climate change and population growth further stress the water supply, and more specifically, its price. Today, water is far too cheap across most American cities and towns. But what’s worse is the way the United States quenches the thirst of farmers, who account for 80 percent of the nation’s water consumption and for whom water costs virtually nothing. The price of water going into Americans’ homes often does not even cover the cost of delivering it, let alone the depreciation of utilities’ infrastructure or their R&D. According to Porter, the looming prospect of acute water scarcity demands a solution, and not alternatives such as towing icebergs from the Arctic or diverting water from the Missouri River to use on the other side of the Rockies. Grabbing more water — cannot work any longer. There isn’t more water to grab. read more here.

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