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This Standards of Customer Service Policy aims to provide both an overview of our working agreement, and a standardised level of Customer Service that can be expected by customers when making a purchase through Our intention is to provide the best quality service and minimize complaints.


  • Once a customer has placed an order for a product on our site, they will receive an e-mail from us acknowledging that we have received their order.
  • The Customer order details will be passed direct to the Supplier, (you), via e-mail to a designated contact.
  • You are obliged to confirm acceptance of the order to Bib & Sola via e-mail, confirming time and method of dispatch. The delivery period and cost of delivery must be clearly stated taking into account any international shipping regulations or applicable terms (for UK orders Bib & Sola operates on the basis of 3-5 working days for UK Standard Delivery. For international shipments this will be higher).
  • You are required to deliver the order within the delivery period quoted to the customer at the time of ordering.
  • You must alert Bib & Sola immediately if the item is out of stock, or if there is a delay to the order for any reason, with details of expected delivery, in order that we may notify the customer.
  • Bib & Sola will confirm to the customer that the product has been dispatched and the customer will be charged.



  • You must ensure that all items are in perfect condition, with high quality presentation boxes and packed to the highest standard with sufficient packaging to avoid breakages.
  • You must include with all orders, the required branded dispatch documents as provided by Bib & Sola, printed on high quality paper, to include: Purchase Invoice, Returns Information, and Returns Proforma documentation.
  • You may also include any product or product care information relating to the purchase.
  • You are required to use a reputable carrier service and obtain a signature from the customer as proof of receipt for all dispatched items.
  • You are required to obtain proof of postage from your carrier and you must ensure that your product is adequately insured.




  • Customer returns will be made direct to the Supplier unless otherwise authorised in writing to be returned to Bib & Sola.
  • Customers may return unwanted goods within 14 days of receipt. They are entitled to ‘a full refund of the price paid provided that the products are returned complete, in perfect condition, unused, and with the original packaging intact.’
  • Unless the customer is ‘returning an item which is faulty’, they ‘will be required to arrange and pay for the return of the products to the supplier’.
  • The Supplier must notify Bib & Sola within 1 day of a Request for a refund from a customer with approval (in accordance with the Refund Policy) so that Bib & Sola may process the Refund due to the customer.



  • In order to minimize customer complaints, all orders / returns must be dealt with efficiently and within a reasonable timeframe expected by the customer.
  • The Supplier must respond to any enquiries or complaints promptly and courteously within 1 day.
  • The Supplier must notify Bib & Sola of any disputes arising or unresolved queries.
  • Any correspondence with the customer as the result of an order via Bib & Sola must NOT include any promotional material for any other website, or brand. The Supplier may NOT contact the customer by email for any other reason other than to discuss matters relating to the processing of their Bib & Sola order. Please note that Customer contact details obtained by Bib & Sola are confidential and protected by UK Data Protection legislation and the use of such details for any other purpose by a third party is a breach of UK data protection law, punishable by fines and even imprisonment.


  • The Supplier must endeavour to keep “in stock” at least one of every item selected for display on the Bib & Sola website. The Supplier must notify Bib & Sola as soon as an item becomes “out of stock” or “discontinued” with an expected “in stock” date, so that the product information may be updated on the website and orders may not be taken for it.


  • The Supplier must notify Bib & Sola at once of any price changes to items available for sale on Bib & Sola website. If an item is sold at a lower price due to Bib & Sola not being informed of a price change, the Supplier shall be obliged to honour the website price quoted to the customer.