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Dogs love Water too!

Check out this incredible video watching the way our fury friend’s tongue scoops water when drinking… the slow motion is fascinating!  

A 3D Ship Projected onto Curtains of Water at the Amsterdam Light Festival by visualSKIN

Romania-based architecture collective visualSKIN arrived at the Amsterdam Light Festival with a splash this year, installing a three-dimensional projection of a 17-century ship against a backdrop of water. Titled ‘Ghost Ship,‘ the installation makes use of two intersecting images projected onto perpendicular curtains of water that can be viewed from multiple angles. The piece is […]


We are huge fans of the work of Kim Keever here at Bib&Sola, and have had a chance to showcase the works on the site in the past. We love this “New Abstraction” series,“formed by paint being allowed to free flow through the water and form volumetric patterns.” Keever has a great essay about the new […]


OK, this gal is super cool. She set up a head device where she can track her emotions and then relays it to the vibration of water. A definite cosmic moment is happening here. Artist Lisa Park shows us what the water energy forcefield looks like when she feels boredom, anger, meditation etc.  Her interactive […]

Water by Mustafah Abdulaziz

Here a really touching documentary series by photographer Mustafah Abdulaziz named ‘Water.’ The series represents a photographic typology of a natural resource in crisis. Structured into chapters, the project reflects on our relationship with water, how we use and misuse it, to ultimately understand our place within one of the greatest challenges of our time. This on-going […]

Are You Chronically Dehydrated Without Even Knowing It?

Many of us live in a chronically dehydrated state without even knowing it. We’re made up of around 80% water and it’s crucial for our wellbeing that we replish what we use throughout the day. Our cells need water to function properly, and we want healthy cells. (Bonus: having healthy cells gives us a youthful […]