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Surreal Photography by Gabriel Isak

San Francisco-based Swedish photographer Gabriel Isak creates surreal images featuring a dark, melancholic atmosphere. As he states on his Instagram, his life consist of the three: birds, ocean and the fog, which are also central elements in his photography. Gabriel Isak, we get you! You can also follow him on Facebook.    

David Copithorne 3D Photography

Brazilian photographer David Copithorne created some amazing images by mixing film, digital manipulation and geometry. The results are really cool. It feels like looking through another dimension. The photographer states: “My motivation and dedication is to capturing the amazing scenarios that are missed by the average eye. I seek natural scenarios that you can’t find in […]

We Are The Water by Sonja Hinrichsen

In tune with the joyful snow season we’re sharing this piece by Sonja Hinrichsen entitled ‘We Are The Water’. The Oakland-based artist creates a series of works that recreate the original flow of the Yampa River and its 4 main tributaries. The river is now dammed and the valley is filled with water. In a 4-hour effort […]


We are huge fans of the work of Kim Keever here at Bib&Sola, and have had a chance to showcase the works on the site in the past. We love this “New Abstraction” series,“formed by paint being allowed to free flow through the water and form volumetric patterns.” Keever has a great essay about the new […]

Water by Mustafah Abdulaziz

Here a really touching documentary series by photographer Mustafah Abdulaziz named ‘Water.’ The series represents a photographic typology of a natural resource in crisis. Structured into chapters, the project reflects on our relationship with water, how we use and misuse it, to ultimately understand our place within one of the greatest challenges of our time. This on-going […]

Antarctica by Gray Malin

We love Los Angeles-based photographer Gray Malin‘s colorful, vivid works! This time he visited the Antarctica, the last true wilderness of our planet which is dramatically changing just as we start to understand its great significance. Gray was drawn to the natural landscape of the glacier covered continent as well as the formations of floating icebergs. Using […]