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Zaha Hadid and Hopking among architects to design London water fountains

When water and beautiful art vessels to drink from come together, we get super excited! So you can imagine my reaction when I stumbled upon the  designs for water fountains of some of the most famous British architecture studios including Zaha Hadid Architects, Hopkins Architects and Studio Weave. The six studios, which also included Eric Parry Architects, […]

Wind and Water Bar by Vo Trong Nghia

Vietnamese architects Vo Trong Nghia have constructed a thatched bamboo dome at the centre of a lake in Binh Duong Province. The wNw bar is located in an artificial lake next to the wNw café. To create a contrasting space to the cafe, the bar is designed as an enclosed space which can be used for different purposes such as […]

Bubble-shaped ‘Fresh Water Factory’ uses mangroves to desalinate seawater

Considering the fact that only one percent of fresh water is present on the earth in liquid form, as you all know by now the ghost of the water crisis can well be seen haunting the life worldwide in the days to come! Addressing the issue, designers at Design Crew for Architecture have designed a bubble-shaped skyscraper […]

Treehouse by Peter Bahouth

Didn’t we all have an obsession with tree houses when we were kids? Building a tree house has been for many of us an escape from reality, giving us a Peter-Panesque fairytale experience and also a way to feel closer to nature. Architect Peter Bahouth brings us back to all these memories with his magical series […]

Amsterdam’s Water Villa

This Water Villa is a lovely houseboat designed by Framework Architecten & Studio Prototype in Amsterdam. I love how the relation between the water and house is key to the design of the houseboat. You notice that there’s a subtle playfulness between open and closed and geometric patterns across the exterior of the villa created by the timber batons. The […]