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Solar Powered ‘Water-Wheel’ Will Clean 23 Metric Tons of Trash From The Ocean Every Day

By Kira Heuer

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We like to bring you good news when it comes to water awareness and this article is probably one of the best things we have read in a while! One device currently used in Baltimore, Maryland may be something that is eventually employed on a larger scale.  The device is a solar powered water wheel that is connected to a conveyor belt. The wheel works by lifting trash and debris out of the water using a ‘debris raking system’, which transfers the collected items onto a conveyer belt and then into a large dumpster.  Although the device is powered by the water that flows through it, the device is also hooked up to a solar generator so that it requires no outside source of energy. Between May 16 and June 16, the wheel processed 46 metric tons of trash in Baltimore’s harbour, but it is estimated that if it was placed in waters where the trash density was much higher, it could process up to 23 tons every day.’ To find out more and watch the video of this genious project click here!

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