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I Am Clean – Carafe Set


Dimensions: 31 x 11cm

Weight: 500 grams

Volume: 1.2 L (4 – 5 drinking glasses)

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Product Description

This is a play on the trustability of the water resources in our day. Getting back to the simplicity and purity of what water is suppose to harness, cleanliness is one key ingredient. So many do not have access to clean water, this is a way for us to appreciate and help those whose lives would change greatly if that one key factor was shifted. It is also a play on words with regard to life and how one chooses to live their life. Are you clean? There is nothing wrong with a little naughtiness but when it comes to water, lets hope it is clean.

Each carafe is hand blown to create these collectibles. We work with an engraving specialist in the UK to add each phrase or thought to the glass.

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With Glass, Without Glass


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