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Ash Set – White


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Dimensions – Carafe: 31 x 11cm. Glass: 10 x 8cm.

Weight – Carafe: 500grams. Glass: 200 grams. Full Set: 1.7 Kg.

Volume – Carafe: 1.2 L (4 – 5 drinking glasses). Glass: 250ml.

Product Description

Each set is hand blown to create these collectibles.

The design is achieved through the movement of colour blown into the glass, a technique that is fiendishily difficult to achieve let alone master. Each piece is truly unique.

The MARTA Ash Set is offered in 8 colors which can be mixed and matched depending on preference of colour and requirements.

Set comes with 1 carafe, 6 matching glasses. Carafe on its own is 31 x 11cm. Glass on its own is 10 x 8cm.

Please enter your glass color preference for the carafe below. You may choose from: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Rose, White and Black.


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