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One on Every Desk

After spending too much time in boardrooms eyeing the little villein plastic water bottles that create not only a grand expense on the corporation yet also feed the pollution factor, we decided to take some action and came up with the campaign 1 ON EVERY DESK campaign. Checking both the financial box in budget saving, CSR box as well as press box. Not to mention, it would allow them to immediately eliminate the high level of plastic bottles that are wasted each year. By purchasing our glassware carafe and drinking sets, one would go on each desk creating a beautiful work atmosphere. The corporation would take responsibility for a water filtration system (we have our own suggested water filtration companies and they are incredibly easy to install.)

What happens next? …. the great grand Press story along with a work atmosphere that is both health conscious and positively productive.

We are gathering our super star corporations to be part and empower this cause with action rather then just awareness. From fashion houses to tech establishments, we look to the influencers of our time to create an atmosphere for innovative and powerful action. Not to mention, our glassware means something..and shouldn’t we all create something that matters?

We invite you to be a part of our...


One on Every Desk 2
  • High annual spending on plastic watter bottle usage
  • High annual contribution to wast and ocean pollution
  • Participation in annual increase of 10% of global water bottle consumption
  • Supporting water corporations privatise our most important natural resources
  • CSR impact
  • Relevant press stories
  • A more mindful and positive work atmosphere
  • Annual save on water bottle budget
  • Social impact in action as you no longer contribute to wast factor
  • Mark your company a bright spot in the green business community

Did you know…

  • Worldwide the bottled water market was estimated to be more than $100 Billion in 2005
  • Bottle water is less regulated than our public tap water
  • Each year, more than £4 Billion of PET plastic bottles end up in landfill sites or Oceans