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Mike D’s Surf Safari

By Kira Heuer

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Watch the beautiful and nostalgic short ‘Mike D’s Surf safari’ shot by Alex Kopps and published today by Nowness . I loved the sense of familiarity and intimacy you get from the random conversations recorded by Spike Jonze while Mike D is on a trip to surf haven Baja, with professional wave-breakers such as Kassia Meador, Ford Archbold, Alex Knost, Tanner Rozunko and Rob Machado.  I feel like I am are right in the middle of this awesome team or that I am watching a  five year old video,  full of summer memories. Timothée Verrecchia says of the experience: ‘The plan was to ride Mexico’s Baja Peninsula—but the weather had different ideas, and strong seasonal winds all but killed the swell. Determined, the clan hit the beach well before sunrise each morning, and passed a blissful week fueled by new friendships, sweet rides, cool beers and a whole lot of peanut butter and jelly’. We like the sound of that! Watch video here.


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