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Fallingwater House / Frank Lloyd Wright

By Kira Heuer

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I can’t believe I never published a post about this architectural jewel! This masterpiece was designed by the one and only Frank Lloyd Wright. The house is known as Fallingwater and it redefines the relationship between man, architecture, and nature. The house was built as a weekend home for owners Mr. Edgar Kaufmann, his wife, and their son, whom he developed a friendship with through their son who was studying at Wright’s school, the Taliesin Fellowship. The waterfall had been the family’s retreat for fifteen years and when they commissioned Wright to design the house they envisioned one across from the waterfall, so that they could have it in their view. Instead, Wright integrated the design of the house with the waterfall itself, placing it right on top of it to make it a part of the Kaufmanns’ lives. Absolutely LOVE!






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