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We Are The Water by Sonja Hinrichsen

In tune with the joyful snow season we’re sharing this piece by Sonja Hinrichsen entitled ‘We Are The Water’. The Oakland-based artist creates a series of works that recreate the original flow of the Yampa River and its 4 main tributaries. The river is now dammed and the valley is filled with water. In a 4-hour effort […]


We are huge fans of the work of Kim Keever here at Bib&Sola, and have had a chance to showcase the works on the site in the past. We love this “New Abstraction” series,“formed by paint being allowed to free flow through the water and form volumetric patterns.” Keever has a great essay about the new […]

The Pebble Project

2015 should start with positive resolutions to help mother nature and the environment, so what about getting rid of all the useless plastic in our lifes? Bib&Sola is a big supporter of other brands that fight for the same cause, we believe that together we grow and make the message stronger, so big shoot out […]


OK, this gal is super cool. She set up a head device where she can track her emotions and then relays it to the vibration of water. A definite cosmic moment is happening here. Artist Lisa Park shows us what the water energy forcefield looks like when she feels boredom, anger, meditation etc.  Her interactive […]

Here’s all the plastic in the ocean, measured in whales

Super cool study by the 5 Gyres institute! After spending six years sampling the seas, scientists can say that there are AT LEAST of 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic floating on out there. That adds up to about 269,000 TONS of the stuff. Most of that comes from discarded fishing gear — nets and other large debris — but […]

Water Therapy: The Benefits of Drinking Water Right After You Wake Up

Many call it Japanese Water Therapy. Not only is it insanely simple, but scientific studies have provided information strongly suggesting that it can indeed work. 17 years ago, Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj was serving a jail sentence as a political prisoner in Iran. Being a doctor, the thing he knew best was how to treat, ease, […]