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Surreal Photography by Gabriel Isak

San Francisco-based Swedish photographer Gabriel Isak creates surreal images featuring a dark, melancholic atmosphere. As he states on his Instagram, his life consist of the three: birds, ocean and the fog, which are also central elements in his photography. Gabriel Isak, we get you! You can also follow him on Facebook.    

Dogs love Water too!

Check out this incredible video watching the way our fury friend’s tongue scoops water when drinking… the slow motion is fascinating!  

A 3D Ship Projected onto Curtains of Water at the Amsterdam Light Festival by visualSKIN

Romania-based architecture collective visualSKIN arrived at the Amsterdam Light Festival with a splash this year, installing a three-dimensional projection of a 17-century ship against a backdrop of water. Titled ‘Ghost Ship,‘ the installation makes use of two intersecting images projected onto perpendicular curtains of water that can be viewed from multiple angles. The piece is […]

David Copithorne 3D Photography

Brazilian photographer David Copithorne created some amazing images by mixing film, digital manipulation and geometry. The results are really cool. It feels like looking through another dimension. The photographer states: “My motivation and dedication is to capturing the amazing scenarios that are missed by the average eye. I seek natural scenarios that you can’t find in […]

Grotto Sauna by Partisans

It’s time to give ourselves a moment to reconnect and replenish as the world is in such a place of question.  This space is just as stunning as it is one with Mother Nature.  Here is the Grotto Sauna, architecture, design, and water meet again thanks to Partisans. Perched at the north-west edge of a private island […]

Sonic Water

We are loving how popular water has become as an artistic medium! Sonic Water is an installation by artists Sven Meyer & Kim Poerksen, a bit similar to the post we recently did about Lisa Park’s amazing water vibrations, this project too manipulates water with human interactions.. In this case the work consists of a […]

Revolution: The Lifecycle of Water

Watch this amazing stop motion animation made by photographer Chris Turner, paper engineer Helen Friel and animator Jess Deacon. The short arty video explores the life cycle of a single drop of water through the pages of an elaborate pop-up book. The book contains nine scenes that were animated using 1,000 photographic stills shot over the course of a year! Watch here. […]