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Breaking Waves With Stephanie Gilmore

By Kira Heuer

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 Nowness does it again, strikes an arrow in our hearts with the Ava Warbick’s 16mm Documentary on Surfing’s Leading Lady, Stephanie Gilmore. Warwich’s documentary, Stephanie in the Water, released this month, sheds light on the pro surfer’s beginnings at the age of 21 through to her prolific rise to become a five-time world champion, and the pressure to stay at the top of the sport. “Stephanie is radiant and grounded and illustrates true poise,” says Warbick, who captured Gilmore’s elegant swan dive kick-outs in locations that included Micronesia and Puerto Rico. “I was interested in what allows someone to perform and stay present at that elite level,” she adds. Watch Gilmore do her magic here. Breath taking!

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