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… And the winner is!

By Kira Heuer

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Following our joint #MondayNightBeachClub competition with Bex Rox at Summer Suitcase Pop-up event, we have decided that the winner of our instagram competition should be @sccross with the lovely picture she posted of the fabulous and stylish Luna, her pet sausage dog. On this occassion, we  asked @sccross a few questions about summer, love and food.. Here’s what Sophie said:

– What is you favourite holiday destination?

Almost impossible to pick just one as I adore travel, however my seasonal go-to’s are Zermatt for winter magic, New York for a city break and Tulum for sunshine and beach chill.

– Your favourite island?


-Beach or mountain?

Beach – I feel the cold far too much to commit to a mountain for life.

– What could we find in your beauty bag on a beach holiday?

Clarins factor 50 suncream to attempt to avoid a rudolphed nose. Apart from that I believe the best beach look is totally natural. Just incase your caught out, to go from day to night – Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser is fab and most importantly They’re Real mascara by Benefit. Nivea pearl and shine is my life saver lip gloss day and night.

– What’s the weirdest thing you ate while you where on holiday abroad?

Dried locust’s… not an acceptable replacement bar snack for a pot of peanuts!

– Beach holiday with your best friend or romantic weekend with your lover?

Romantic weekend with my lover who is also my best friend.

– What are your top 5 bucket list destinations?

Vietnam temples, Japan in blossom season, Bali island hopping, a trek in the Himalayan Mountains and to drive the West coast of the USA.

Congratulations Sophie and well done Luna!


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