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About Bib & Sola

Bib&Sola is contemporary and stylish glassware that offers a conscious alternative to plastic. Water is precious for your body and the earth so take the time to nourish yourself and decant your water from an elegant and artistic hand blown vessel. Free the world of plastic in a cool way because your choice changes everything.

Created by Kira Heuer, Bib&Sola, which is Latin for drink and comfort, all began with the notion to dig deeper when addressing the power of influence, consumerism, fashion, art, beauty and water. Playing on all aspects, Kira has created a world of AESTHETIC ACTIVISM™ for all individuals to enjoy Bib&Sola’s distinctive design and message. The hand blown glass carafe sets are far more than simple glass; each is a “drinkable art vessel,” encouragıng everyone to make a connection between the water they drink, the way they drink it, and the impact it has on their lives. Bib&Sola endeavors to replace plastic bottled water with glass in a manner that is both chic and functional and aspires to create a global community where each and every person takes responsibility and action from an inspired position.

About Bib and Sola


Kira's Story2

Designer and founder, Kira Heuer, was born and raised in sunny southern California where she grew up loving the ocean and thus a deep appreciation for all things water emerged. Now living between London, Los Angeles and New York, her designs seek to create a strong voice for the relevance that beauty has the power to influence, in a sense, aesthetics for ethics. Heuer is a patron and committee member of The Contemporary Art Society, Women in the Arts UK, Studio Voltaire and The Tate.